Books have a tendency to withdraw us from reality. You ever feel like it’s just you and your book? Ever caught yourself muttering to the fictional characters as if they could hear you? Lots of emotions can be felt when reading a book, amirite?

    Today, we will look at some books that made me angry. I’m talking about books that have made me seem like I’m talking to myself (when I’m really talking to the character). Or books that have angered me so much, it almost went flying to the other side of the room. I will list my top 3 books that made me angry.
    #3: Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen

    This was my first read for L.J. Shen. I have always heard that her stuff gives you all the feels. Frustration, angry, happy, surprise. You name it, you’ll probably feel it. Now, I thought, surely it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. Y’all, let me tell you. this was a roller coaster ride! I remember getting so upset with the main girl for not communicating, I really wanted to throw my Kindle (I didn’t though, I can’t buy a new one yet). I remember finishing this book and thinking I had just gotten run over by the feels bus. Would I reccommend this book? ABSOLUTELY! I cannot wait to jump into another book by L.J. Shen.
#2:  The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This book suckered me in. It grabbed me and just pulled me in until I was fully immersed. I did not put this book down until I finished it. I won’t go into detail, but I should have known better! It gave me Gone Girl vibes so bad and that book, oh that book *glares at it* Gone Girl is the reason I cannot read mystery. Apparently, I do not do well with this genre. Anyways, once I got to the plot twist, I let out a rant that my husband was brave enough to endure. Lesson learned, stay away from mystery!
#1: Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas (surprise! it’s not Gone Girl. I won’t speak of that book anymore 🤐)

If you read the Throne of Glass series, you know how much was put into this massive book. We got different POVs, all the freaking feels, and the suspense!! Sarah J. Maas did a phenomenal job with this book finale. There was one character that just kept making me mad. Most of their problems would have been resolved if the character had just spoken up. But, that would make for a simple book. Sarah knew what she was doing. I feel as if she studied me and took note of what would make me tick. Okay, not really, but it felt like it. Would I recommend this book/series? Heck yes! I hope to reread it soon!
Okay fellow reading peeps, this concludes today’s hot topic. Special shout-out to G-Swizzel (Grace) for this blog idea. Until next time, read just one more chapter 😉


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