For the month of October I read 6 books. I think that is a new record for this year.

I have a post dedicated to Season of Joy here. I got into the holiday spirit a bit early this year, because why not?

Taming Her Mountain Man and Healing Her Mountain Man are curvy girl reads. Which was a pleasant vibe for me (I’m a bit curvy) 🙂 There was steam, there was plot, and those covers. C’mon, I couldn’t resist.

Teen Titan’s Raven was a fun quick graphic novel. It gave me a bit more information on Raven, a backstory I definitely needed.

Esperanza Rising was informative. I learned about a part of history that is not taught in schools here in the US. I loved that the author wrote this story with inspiration from her grandmother.

The Poet X, I loved the way it was written. The plot was good too, I literally had a jaw dropping moment reading this. I did not see it coming!

Overall, I had a good reading month. I liked all of the books I read, I didn’t DNF any books. I didn’t find any hard to get through. I enjoyed each of them. I hope November is a good reading month too.

How was your reading for October? How many books did you read?


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