I loved the mystery book experience with my first purchase, I decided to do it again! I picked a different shop this time around and chose romance. I chose RuffledFeathersBooks run by Caitlin. The mail service being what it is right now, it took awhile to get to me. But, it was definitely worth the wait!!

I thought the packaging was super cute and nicely done. I liked the Thank You card that came with it.


I was so stoked when I pulled out a book sleeve from the wrapping. It’s small, handmade, and super adorable!! I fell in love with it instantly! I was not expecting a book sleeve, so I was very much surprised.

This has got to be one of the cutest bookmarks I have!

I was also surprised with this feather bookmark. Get it? Feather bookmark, RuffledFeathersBooks? 😀 Ah, I love it!

The romance book.

Living the Fantasy by Kathy Lyons.

PR representative Alicia Flores is fed up. Her job is a dead end, her love life is nonexistent and life is pretty much…well, boring. So when she’s unexpectedly offered a chance to play a character from a video game—the warm and sensuous Queen Guinevere—for a promotional tour, Alicia decides to toss her shy-gal persona…and play her new part to perfection! What she’s not expecting is sinfully delicious video-game guru Ken Johnson—a rare breed of nerd who is hot, successful and damn sexy. And he knows just how to coax the sexy vixen in her out to play! As late-night pleasures take center stage, Alicia finds herself pulled further into Ken’s sinful world of make-believe. But can she give up the fantasy when it’s time to return to the real world?

Sounds like it will be a good read. I’m intrigued by the gaming aspect and I like anything steamy. It’s a short book, 218 pages. So it will be a quick read.

What are my final thoughts?

Overall, I LOVED this mystery book package. I never expected a book sleeve, a handmade one at that. The bookmark was a cute addition as well. The book, I will put on my TBR for December. I highly recommend Ruffled Feathers Bookshop!!!!!

Ruffled Feathers Books: Instagram
Ruffled Feathers Books: Esty


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