I remember seeing Book Beau for the first time, back when she was just starting out. I didn’t have money then to buy one, but I waited until I could! My Book Beau is the first book sleeve I bought myself. After that, I just had to buy more. I bought from Etsy and other websites. I think I have another habit, book sleeve buying.

I took these pictures in the Texas snow two weeks ago. I’m late putting up this post, but I’ve been reading. First up, the Book Beau. I picked a fairy design I thought was cute. I didn’t realize that it came with a zipper until it arrived. Honestly, I’m not too fond of the zipper.

My favorite book sleeve has my absolute favorite animal. I was over the moon when I found this one on Etsy. I may have done a happy dance when I unwrapped it. Yep, my favorite one.

The next two I received from Beacon Book Box. The four leaf clover was the first one, I got it with Sherwood. There was a green theme since I had gotten the March box. The second book sleeve is the Eclipse inspired one. I got this one with the Twilight special edition box. I like this one because the fabric is different from all my other ones. It’s like a waterproof type of fabric.

This next one took over a month to get. It came over seas, but arrived in perfect condition. I picked this one since it’s my favorite color. I don’t mind the zipper on this one, I’m not sure why. The fabric is soft and such a pretty shade.

Up next is a small one. I received this book sleeve with a mystery book I got from Etsy. You can find the blog post here. It’s so cute and was totally unexpected. It was a nice surprise. I love that it is small and super soft.

My last one, I made myself. I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprise by how it turned out. I used a Beauty and the Beast fabric, my favorite fairytale. I followed a video I found on Youtube and hand sewed it myself. I plan on making more in the very near future.

I may be addicted to book sleeves now. I’m constantly looking on Etsy for new ones. Once I make the other ones, I’ll post about those too.


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