I’m so glad I got to read Lips Like Strawberries. It is a unique story that should be on everyone’s TBR.


For some, it’s the eyes. For others, the heart. But for Ara, the thing that first made her fall in love… was the taste of his lips.

Ara Lake has always thought of herself as living a normal life. She works a regular job, lives in the city and, like any single 30-year-old, longs to find someone to spend her life with. There’s only one problem. She hasn’t left her apartment since the Covid-19 outbreak. Three years later, her agoraphobia hasn’t fully kept her walled off from the outside world. She can thank her abnormal abilities for that! Ara’s superpower allows her to experience the world through someone else’s senses for 12 hours. Everything changes when her powers introduce her to a man whose lips taste succulent, juicy, and sweet, like her favorite fruit.

Now, she must embark on a journey of love, strength, and self-discovery that she isn’t sure will end well. She’ll have to learn to trust her own senses and, in a post-coronavirus world, give herself over to love at first kiss, as she ventures to find the one with Lips Like Strawberries!

My thoughts:
I was hooked from the very beginning. I like that there is a bit of reality in the character, she is totally relatable. I laughed, cringed at embarrassing moments, and just felt good reading this story. I actually went into this story blind. I was amazed by the superpower Ara has, just mind blowing. I really enjoyed that. Also, let’s not forget about her bff Latre. Their back and forth was pretty entertaing.
Now, there were some times where the story got slow or too detailed. But I think the story came along just fine. I would recommend this book if you are looking for something different and fun to read.

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