Tomorrow is the release day for the 12th book in the Twilight, Texas series! Twilight, Texas is a fictional setting for this romance series, but is influenced by small towns in Texas. I happen to live in a small town in Texas and absolutely love this series. Back in December 2017, I randomly picked up a Christmas themed book from Walmart. That book was “Cowboy, It’s Cold Outside” by Lori Wilde (#8 in the series, even though it’s part of a series, these books can be read as a standalone). Let me tell you, I was blown away by the entire book. The cover, the title, the story line, the writing. Everything about the book was amazing! I was an automatic fan of Lori Wilde after that read!

I was given the opportunity to review an ARC of Second Chance Romance. A huge thank you to Avon and Harper Voyage and Netgalley!

First, the cover. It is gorgeous! Simple, yet not too simple. It definitely gets the point across. A Christmas, family, happily ever after vibe. I’m here for it!

The synopsis:

It’s Christmastime in Twilight, TX. The lights are twinkling, carols are being sung, and the cookies are baking. And this year, best friends Joel and Jana discover a shocking surprise: as they are organizing the living Nativity, they find a sweet little baby in the manger with a note saying the mother will return…soon.

Jana tucks the infant into her arms, and she and Joel make the impulsive decision to take the baby home. Jana is spontaneous, Joel is a planner, but they agree that it’s better to care for this precious bundle for the holidays, in hopes that the mother really will come back by New Year’s.

As the days pass, the pair begins to fall in love with the child and they’re also forced to face facts: their relationship goes far deeper than friendship. As the spirit of Christmas—and the magic of Twilight, TX—takes over, this unlikely couple must open up to the feelings they’ve been hiding from each other all along.

My review:

From the very first short paragraph, Lori let me know that I was in for a ride. Boy, was it a ride. This is a friends to lovers trope and it is played out so well. We have the glances, the friendly touches, and emotional support from the characters. It is awesome! We have the build up, the climax with a bit of drama, and the wonderful ending. I was rooting for Joel and Jana the whole time. I love the way this was written, I like the steamy romance that’s not overdone. I really enjoyed this book. I was so glad to be back in Twilight, Texas. I love this fictional place so much! I highly recommend this read to anyone that likes: romance, happily ever afters, unexpected baby, and rom-com.

Here is the link to the Goodreads page if you are interested!


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