I am currently accepting books to review.

Please read through to better understand my policy.

Perferred Formats: physical copies: ARCs, paperback, hardback. Ebook: I prefer Mobi as I use Kindle, but I can make PDF work.

Genres I’m Interested In: I read a variety of books. I read YA and adult fiction. YA: paranormal/fantasy, contemporary, romance, some thrillers, some dystopians, some sci-fi. Adult fiction: thrillers (crime/court), “chick-lit” or Women’s fiction, contemporary, true crime, romance: western, paranormal/fantasy, new adult, erotica, humor, and many more in romance.

Genres I will Not Read: I cannot read Horror. That’s an automatic no from me.

Sites I Post Reviews: I post my reviews on Goodreads, I can post on Amazon if asked. I can also share on Instagram, and Twitter.

About My Reviews: I will do my best to read books sent to me before the publication date. I can post my review the day of, before, or after. I rate books with a 1-5 star scale. 1 being not interesting and 5 being a highly recommended read. I will include a spoiler free summary, as well as links to the book. All reviews will be my honest opinion.

I Am In The US and can be reached at Pigpen.Reads@gmail.com